Watlow PM Legacy Control

The Watlow® PM LEGACY™ series panel mount controller is
an industry leading PID controller that allows optimal
performance utilizing simple control and menu functionality
without complex features. It is ideally suited for basic
applications and usage levels.
The LEGACY includes one universal input and an option for
up to two outputs and is available in 1/32, and 1/16 DIN panel
mount packages. It can be ordered as a PID process controller
or as a dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller.

Features and Benefits
Simplified menu
• Fits basic applications with a user-friendly interface
supported by two menus and a streamlined list of
• Eliminates user complexity often experienced with more
advanced controllers and unnecessary features
• Reduces user training costs and user programming errors
PID auto-tune
• Provides auto-tune for fast, efficient start-up
Standard bus communications
• Allows easy product configuration via PC communications
protocol and free software
• Saves time, simplifies programming process and improves
reliability of controller setup
Factory Mutual (FM) approved over and under limit with
auxiliary outputs
• Increases user and equipment safety for over and
under-temperature conditions
Function key
• Enables simple, one-touch operation of user-defined,
repetitive activities
Touch-safe package
• Increases installer and operator safety
• Complies with IP2X requirements
Features and Benefits (con’t)
EZ-LINK™ mobile application for iPhone® and Android™
• Expedites controller setup with intuitive navigation
• Simplifies setting parameters with plain text names and
• Connects quickly and easily via Bluetooth® wireless
• Eliminates contamination points on the front of the
• Prevents premature failure of mechanical components
• Creates a better seal on front panel
• Ensures an easy to clean surface
Agency approvals: UL® listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E., FM,
SEMI F47-0200, Class 1, Div. 2 rating on selected models


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