Watlow Multicell Heaters

Multi Cell Heaters

The Multicell heater from Watlow offers independent zone control for precise temperature uniformity, loose fit design for easy insertion in and removal from the equipment and extreme process temperature capability. The heaters are available with up to eight independently controllable zones and one to three internal thermowells for removable sensors. Custom assemblies are available.


  • Super plastic forming and diffusion bonding
  • Hot forging dies
  • Heated platens
  • Furnaces applications
  • Superheating of air and other gases
  • Fluidized beds for heat treating
  • Glass forming, bending and tempering
  • Long heater needs (1219 cm (40 feet))
  • Soil remediation
  • Aluminum processing


  • Multiple Independantly Controlled zones allow precise process temperature uniformity.
  • Radiant Design allows for loose hole fit
  • High emissivity sheath
  • Quick connect jack allows fast heater replacement
  • Custom bends for many applications
  • Process temperatures up to 1120 Deg C (2050 Deg F)


Multicell Heater Spec Sheet