Watlow F4 Process Control

F4 Series Process Control


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The SERIES F41/4 DIN temperature process controller
offers performance features to meet a wide range of
industrial processing needs. The F4 process controller is
ideal for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, plastic
processing and packaging equipment and industrial process
control applications.
This controller features a four line, high definition LCD
interface display, in addition to an information key that
enables easy setup and control operation, minimizing
the chance for error. Its 16-bit microprocessor ensures
accuracy and delivers performance advantages you can
count on from a Watlow® controller.
Four digital inputs remotely modify controller operation or
enable display of pre-defined operator messages. Advanced
features include cascade, ratio, differential, duplex slide wire
and retransmit options.
Serial communication and dual alarm relays are included
in the base unit. The SERIES F4 is packaged with a
NEMA 4X front face to withstand harsh environments and
a four-inch (101.6 mm) deep case with removable connectors
for wiring convenience. It is manufactured by Watlow, ISO
9001 registered and protected by a three-year warranty.

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Features and Benefits
Guided setup
•Removes “guess work” from the setup process
•Saves time by reducing programming errors
High definition four-line LCD display
•Simplifies setup process and operations
•Quickly and easily identifies process, alarm and
set point values
Information “I” Key
•Displays essential elements from the user manual
on board
Customized menuing
•Quickly displays up to 16 parameters
•Allows users to create custom messaging and easily
identify key events or alarms
High performance 16-bit microprocessor
•Provides precise process control with 20Hz update
rate on input 1. (10Hz on inputs 2 and 3)
•Calibration accuracy of ±0.1 percent of span
Universal input
•Embedded software provides application versatility
•Eliminates the need for dip switches
communications ready
•Equipped to handle RS232 or EIA485 communications

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Product Brochure

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