Watlow DIN A Mite A

DIN A  Mite A

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  • Watlow’s DIN-A-MITE® Style A power controller provides a low-cost, highly compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat. You also get all the quality you expect from a Watlow designed and manufactured product. DIN rail and back panel mounting is standard on every controller. There is no need to worry about mercury, the DIN-A-MITE controller is mercury free.
    Capabilities include single-phase zero cross switching up to 25 amps at 600V~(ac) (see rating curve). A unique integrated design removes the guesswork associated with selecting a proper heat sink and adequate terminations for the application.
    Variable time base, 4-20mA process control or V~(ac/dc) input contactor versions are available. All configurations are model number dependent and factory selectable.

  • Features Benefits
    • DIN Rail mount or standard panel mount
    • Compact Size
    • Touch Safe Terminals
    • No Mercury
    • Faster switching with solid state
    • UL 508 listed and C-UL, VDE 0160, and CE with filter
    • Versatile, quick and low cost installiation
    • Reduced panel space; low cost
    • increased safety for installer / user
    • Envirinmentally safe priduct
    • Saves energy and extends heater life
    • Applications requiring agency approval
    • Rugged design



    Spec Sheet For Din A Mite A

    Din A Mite Manual And Retrofit Guide