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Watlow Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Ceramic fiber heaters integrate a high temperature iron-chrome-aluminum (ICA) heating element wire with ceramic fiber insulation. Numerous stock, standard and/or custom shapes can be provided, achieving the “heated insulation” concept for your high temperature, non-contact applications. The ceramic fiber insulation isolates the high temperatures inside the heated chamber from the outside. The heaters are low mass, fast heating, with high insulation values and self-supported heating elements that offer some of the highest temperature heating capabilities within the Watlow family of heater designs.

  • Operating temperatures up to 2200F 1204C
  • Operates at powerline voltages, no transformer requires
  • Low mass insulation allows for fast heat up and response
  • Iron-chrome-aluminum (ICA) resistance Wire

Ceramic Fiber For Aluminum Furnaces

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

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