Watlow Aspyre Series Power Control

Modular and Scalable
Power Controller Family
Ideal for a Wide Range of


60-700A at up to 690V

Watlow’s new ASPYRE® power controller family is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE models available include sizes from 35 to 700 amps. This power controller family features multiple advanced microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms. Combined with diagnostics and several communications options the product enables equipment and factory automation.

Controller firing modes include zero cross, burst firing, single cycle, delayed triggering and phase angle. These smart algorithms enable the product to easily control a wide base of heater loads including nichrome, moly, silicon carbide, tungsten quartz and infrared lamps and transformer-coupled loads. ASPYRE offers a comprehensive list of modular options that deliver space and labor savings including controlled legs (1, 2 or 3), semiconductor fusing, load current measurement, amperage size and user interface.

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Heater bakeout
• Protects heater on start up
• Eliminates labor and time associated with checking for
wet heaters
Integrated semiconductor fusing, current transformer and
user interface
• Saves installation time and eases setup and commissioning
• Delivers a user-friendly, intuitive interface
Industry-leading design and serviceability
• Offers a robust SCR design to meet a rugged industrial
environment’s high quality and reliability needs
• Provides quick and easy access to maintain and service
fuses and individual legs in minimal time
• Enables fast troubleshooting by providing helpful thermal
system diagnostics
Comprehensive power controller range
• Provides wide range of options from simple single-phase to
complex three-phase loads to 690V
100KA short circuit current rating (SCCR)
• Enables greater protection in the event of a short circuit
c-UL® 508 Listed
• Shortens project schedules, agency testing and expenses
Control modes: contactor, voltage, current or power
• Satisfies a wide range of demanding thermal applications
Load firing modes: zero-cross, burst fire, phase angle, soft
start, half-cycle, single-cycle, delayed triggering
• Handles a wide range of load types including nichrome,
medium and long waveform infrared lamps, moly
(Kanthal® Super), transformers, silicon carbide, UV lamps
and tungsten
• Protects and extends the life of connected loads
Wide range of communication protocols
• Enable factory and process automation with connectivity
access to process and equipment data using Modbus® RTU,
Modbus® TCP, EtherNet/IP™, Wi-Fi, Profibus, Profinet,
USB device (configuration and data file transfers)
Open heater and shorted SCR indication
• Minimizes production downtime with easy to understand,
intelligent, troubleshooting diagnostics
Integrated USB and user interface for configuration
• Easily and safely program configuration settings as the user
interface can be powered through USB connection
• Eliminates a user from having to work in a high voltage
hazard environment. High voltage to controller or
system panel can be turned off while setting controller

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