Specview Llc


SCADA Software


  • SpecView is software that mere mortals can deal with.

    Most applications can be configured by the end user without training.


    • No tags to define! Pre-built instrument view database
    • Temperature and process controls
    • Meters, Indicators
    • Data acquisition modules
    • PLCs
    • Multiple Instrument types on single system


    • Log process parameters
    • Alarm monitoring and time-stamping
    • Operator actions and process events
    • Tamper-proof data storage


    • Graphical user interface to visualize process
    • Strategy Controller logic engine for process automation
    • Password security protection
    • Recipe Management system
    • Barcode entry


    • Spreadsheet log report
    • Batch data report
    • Display machine performance
    • Review process operating parameters
    • Replay process conditions
    • Correlate operator actions


    • Multiple operator stations
    • Remote Monitoring and Control
    • Simultaneous users
    • Secure connection via LAN, modem & Internet

    • Autoconfiguration -No Tags To Define
    • Autodects Many Controls and instruments, predefined as objects, all features availible via comms
    • Instrument Views
    • Parameters defined and organized by instrumet
    • No Tag Limit
    • SpecView is not sold by number of tags
    • Connection Flexibility
    • Up to 40 Comms ports for connectons plus Ethernet and OPC
    • Remote Access
    • Access your instruments remotely via Lan or Internet or Radio


  • Product Manual

    Demo Full Version for download