Gefran GFX4




Gefran GFX4

  • GFX4 is a four independent loop controller, designed to manage electrical power. GFX4 is a compact unit bounding different technological elements like:
    • controller
    • solid state relay
    • current transformers
    • fuses-holders (option)
    The final result is a cost saving in terms of space and cabling.
    GFX4 consisting of:
    • power management unit
    • analog and digital inputs,
    • analog and digital outputs
    • standard digital communication
    • integrated solid state relays
    • fuses-holder (option)
    Geflex controls autonomously the four loop controllers, furnishing a complete diagnostics like the loaded current, the control of the zones, the alarms state. A specific step by step software tool has been develop in order to assist the product configuration based on the different applications. Communication with the outside is of primary importance. Geflex dialogs with the operator terminals according to the most popular protocols: from the simple and efficient Modbus to, by a second optional fieldbus communication, the by-now indispensable Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP. The product’s furnished with a standard configuration, simple and quickly to modify. The assignment of different functions to the outputs is very simple.
    • 4 Zones Of PID Control
    • Integrated Zero Cross Switching SSRs and Fusing (30 & 60 kW Model)
    • 2 Digital Inputs
    • 1 Current Transformer (standard) total of 4 availible
    • 2 Alarm Outputs
    • Cooling Outputs
    • Modbus RTU Communications Standard CANopen
      Profibus DP
      Modbus RTU
      Ethernet Modbus TCP
      is available as option.
    • Up to 80kW Switching on integrated SSRs
    • Touch-safe package
    • DIN Rail Or Panel Mounting
    • 4 universal process input could accept:
      thermocouple, thermoresistance, current
      and tension linear.
    • Self-tuning:
      calculation of PID parameters at syst
    • Auto-tuning continuous: continuou
      adjustment of PID
    • Autotuning one-shot: output modu
      and event-driven automatic PID
      parameters re-calculation

  • Gefran GFX4 Datasheet

    Gefran GFX4 Broshcure

    Gefran GFX4 User Manual Programming and Configuration

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