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IRISYS Thermal Imagers

Measure temperature easily with thermal imaging and infrared camera products. We offer groundbreaking, innovative and flexible infrared camera models from IRISYS that can help you troubleshoot problem areas on commercial and domestic equipment.

We offer two thermal imaging infrared camera models; both have the traditional IRISYS features that include flexibility, ease of use and minimal cost of ownership. The IRI 1011 infrared camera brings groundbreaking thermal imaging to extend the normal application areas for thermal imaging from professional and military use, to wider use in commercial, industrial and domestic applications. This thermal imaging infrared camera has an optional pistol grip that holds almost any Pocket PC or Palm device for an added processing, image storage and real time display unit.

The IRI 4010 thermal imaging infrared camera is a more robust thermal imaging infrared camera that has the same features as the IRI 1011 thermal imaging infrared camera plus a built in display with a screen resolution of 120 x 160, selectable sensitivity settings and 3 display palettes to chose from, as well as temperature readout in Celsius, Farenheight and Kelvin and a SD card slot for hassle free transferring of images to your PC. Feel free to contact Entherm if you have any questions regarding either of these two models.







Applications and Industries

Physiotherapy Case Study

Heating and AC Case Study

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Thermal Imagers

Model 1011 16x16 Imager

Model 1020 16x16 Imager

Model 4010 120x160 Imager

Model 4035 120x160 Imager Extended Temperature Range

Model 4030 120x160 High Temp Imager

Model 4040 120 x 160 Long Range Imager






Thermal Imaging Resources

Sample Thermography Report taken with the 4010